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Classification essay about Sports Cars





Sports Car Classification : European , Japanese , or American

Sports cars , as often considered by experts in the automotive industry is quite a loose term without any specific limits in terms of the speed of the car or the appearance (Lawrence 5 . In this sense , it is apparent that classifying sports cars into different categories would not be an easy task . Thus , instead of having a classification which is based on speed , appearance , or even pricing , a different method for classification should be used . The unifying

aspect of sports cars is that each car has a respective manufacturer with a country of origin Therefore , the best way to classify sports cars is to classify it according to its origin , whether it is of European , Japanese , or American roots

Following the aforementioned type of classification , it is only proper to define and discuss each classification through the use of examples In terms of European sports cars , some of the most well known European car manufacturers throughout history are Renault and Peugeot (McKern 107 . Each of the car brands mentioned have their own list of sports cars . Renault has produced the Renault Spider as one of its sports cars along with older models such as the Renault Alpine A610 GTA and the Renault Alpine A110 (Robson 418 , 420 , 424 . Peugeot has several models as well including the Peugeot 205GTI (Robson 169 . As pointed out , other European car brands are present as well , most with their own line-up of sports...

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