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Classification Essay; Cell Phone Users

Finally , there is another type of cell phone user called Cloner Phoner This is one who is always making or receiving a call in a room which is full of people . When he looks around , he sees numerous animated conversations going on , however , no one in the room is communicating to anyone else in the same room . Rather , he is just hearing nightfall zone music in his head then this type of cell phone user is called a Cloner Phoner (Galok , 2008

A cell phone is very beneficial to the user as it

enables him to make and also receive telephone calls from people using other mobile or fixed line phones across the global world . This is only possible through connection of the cell phone to a cellular network which is owned by another network operator . A distinguishing feature of the cellular network is that , it enables the user to receive telephone calls even when moving around wide areas via a process known as handoff

Apart from being a telephone , the modern cell phones support other extra services and accessories . This services and accessories may include text messages , email , gaming , internet access which enables the user to download and upload important information he or she may need , Bluetooth infrared , camera , MP3 players , radio , GPS and MMS messaging . Through the various services being provided by cell phones , the user can keep in touch with family members , conduct business and have access to a telephone in case of an urgent situation (Galok , 2008 . In conclusion it is important to know which type of cell phone user you are and also know how to effectively use it so that it can offer you all the required and necessary services References

Galok , L (2008 . 16 types of cell phone users . Retrieved on 30th July...

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