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Classification Essay: Different types of families I`ve known

Three Types of Families


Family is a living cell of society , a group of people who live together and share different physical and moral responsibilities in their daily life . People start the families in to succeed in this life , to have someone special to love and to be loved back , to have children and bring them up , to live in harmony with God and nature . It is impossible to underestimate the role of the institution of family for our society because all the basic principles of moral , social behavior and personal

br development are being set up in the family

There are three types of families , which I am familiar with and can classify . The first one is so called traditional families , which consist of two heterosexual parents (regardless of their race , ethnic origin social position , etc ) and their one or more children . The second type is a single-parent family , when a single father or a single mother brings up the children . And , finally , the third type is the situations when by some reason the children have no parents , so they are brought up by their grandparents

The traditional type of families is usually children-oriented . Sometimes both parents work and bring more income into the family budget , but sometimes only one parent works (usually , father ) and the other (mother is concentrated on looking after the children and doing all the housework . Certainly , in a family with traditional father and mother children receive more parental care and have good opportunities for personal development . But it is valid only for those situations , when the parents live in love and mutual understanding and can create positive climate in the family . Unfortunately , frequently parents have conflicts and different misunderstandings , which seriously affect normal development of the children

I suppose that almost every second family I know belongs to the second type , according to my classification . Mostly , a single mother after divorcing her husband receives the right to look after the children by herself . Of course , a single parent has to work harder to earn enough of money , and at the same time she or he needs to give more care and attention to the children . Many people suppose that a single-parent family is less favorable environment for bringing up children , but I would not agree with this . I guess that a son or a daughter of a single parent is usually more responsible , determined , flexible , modest , and also good in decision-making and doing housework

The third type of the families in my classification is quite rare , but at the same time , there are the situations , when grandparents take the responsibilities on rearing their grandchildren . There was a family in my neighborhood , which initially included parents and a daughter . When the girl was 4 years old , her mother suddenly died . The father was absolutely dejected and shocked after the loss of his wife , so he went into a depression and started drinking . That 's why the girl 's grandparents obtained legal rights to look...

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