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Civil Rights Movement

Running Head : Civil Rights Movement






Civil Rights Movement

Which organization was most important into the expansion of civil rights in modern America . The federal government , the courts everyday people

The Civil Rights Movement was at its peak from around 1955 to 1965 . In 1964 congress passed the Civil Rights Act and later in 1965 , passed the voting Rights Act . These Acts ensured basic civil rights for all Americans irrespective of race . This was the result of about a decade of non violent

protests and marches ( HYPERLINK "http /www .watson .org /visa /blackhistory /civilrights-ss-65 /index .html www .watson .org /visa /blackhistory /civilrights-ss-65 /index .html . Among these are the Montgomery Bus Boycott , sit-ins , the freedom Rides and the march to Washington among others

The significant effects of the civil rights movement were won by people because had they not staged sit-ins , boycotts and all other non-violent protests and marches the federal government and courts would have not been spurred into action . Many people faced great risk and insurmountable odds so that they could win victories that later changed their own lives and those of others generations . Processes that led to removal of segregation and discrimination would not have happened had these people sat back and acted as if everything was alright since at that time some governors and sheriffs were advocating for violence against freedom riders and other protestors ( HYPERLINK "http /www .nps .gov " www .nps .gov

Resistance to racial equality in the Deep South came from extremist groups like the Ku Klux Klan , white citizens ' councils and at various levels of government and society with several federal judges and governors and country sheriffs . This is illustrated by various events Governor Oval Faubus of Arkansas used the Arkansas National Guard to hinder efforts of school integration , the Governors of Mississippi and Alabama blocked doorways at schools to prevent entry of black children It is also reported that a black farmer was killed by a Mississippi state representative for attendance of voter 's registration classes

The courts were also involved in enhancing segregation and efforts of hindering integration because often all white juries Acquitted killers of African-Americans who were well-known to the public

Black churches played a significant role in the expansion of civil rights . The role of the church in the black community is more than just being a place of worship . The church functioned as a support group , a center for political activism , a place where disputes could be settled a credit union and as a place where announcements of issues concerning the community could be made . All these functions served to enhance the minister 's role and importance . The involvement of the church and ministries in the civil rights movement was therefore an extension of the churches role ( HYPERLINK "http /www .nps .gvt " www .nps .gvt During the civil rights movements one of the most prominent clergymen was Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther used his powerful oratory skills to lead the calls for racial...

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