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Paper Topic:

Civil Rights Movement



Civil Rights Movements

History of Civil Rights Movements

Brown vs . the Board of Education of Topeka

The Murder of Emmett Till

The Arrest of Rosa Parks

Montgomery Improvement Association

Civil Rights Act of 1965 and Conclusion

Civil Rights Movements

American history has been a constant struggle for fighting individual rights . In this modern time , it can be said that America surpassed those struggles and its citizens enjoy the privilege of American rights and freedom . Civil Rights Movement became the active participant in pursuing equality

and advancing the rights of the society 's underdogs . Throughout the course of American history , this movement served as a catalyst for change . The civil rights movement was able to address the needs that the government cannot provide the people , as such , this movement served as the people 's voice

Perhaps the most productive civil rights movement which changed the American society is the one focusing for the equal rights of the African-Americans . So far , the American society has overcome the huge gap between the whites and non-whites , as evident by the election of President Barack Obama . However , being the largest country which hosts a million of immigrants , the issue of discrimination is still under heated debate especially in the smallest sector of society . Addressing the issue of racial discrimination which mostly pertains to colored people is led by civil rights movements who represent the cries of the discriminated . In the following texts , the origins of the civil rights movement will be discussed . From...

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