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Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema as seen in North by Northwest (Your Name (Your School (Your Instructor (Your Course


The Essay of Laura Mulvey states that a women is commonly used in movies for the sake of being looked at and mostly situated as a sexual object of the male figure who stands as the protagonist . In this essay , she relate the theory in Alfred Hitchcock 's fil entitled North by Northwest wherein the latter used scopophilic eroticism as his subject in the film and also associated the character

of the protagonist on being sadistic and harsh . The movie was situated wherein Thornhill both saw the woman he desires and at the same time , saw a murder that suddenly makes his complicated as he rans for his life and against the agents of the mysterious organization

Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema

Laura Mulvey wrote an essay entitled Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema ' in 1999 wherein she used this essay to associate theories about cinema , movies and films . Mulvey used psychoanalysis to discover where and how the interest in film boost which molded individuals (Mulvey 1999

In this essay , she used psychoanalysis as a political weapon to find out the way the patriarchal society used for sexual objects . She mentioned that a patriarchal society is also a phallocentric society wherein it recognize the male gender and their sexuality as the domineering norm in the society but it was also stated in the essay that phallocentrism depends in the image of a castrated woman which actually givers to the world . A woman does not last in the world of law or even in language because she achieved the symbolic means , she is done with the process (Mulvey , 1999

The cinema offers several pleasures wherein Scopophilia is one of these pleasures . Scopophilia is characterized by looking at oneself for pleasure and it is usually associated with having other people as object and controls them . Freud used a child as an example of Scopophilia as he describes the child 's desire in looking at things or parts which is private . In here , he stated that the pleasure of looking is actually transferred later on in an analogy or series of events (Mulvey , 1999

While Cinema is being developed and Scopophilia has been part already narcissistic aspect also enters the scene and further describes the role of a women in a film . In the Narcissistic aspect , it starts with the mirror phase wherein the child imagines or somehow dreams his image in the mirror as more complete and more perfect than his own appearance and looks and it now starts the of an affair between the image of the child and his self (Mulvey , 1999

Women , most of the time is being used as a sexual object not just in films but also in pin ups wherein the looks of a female evokes a desire in a man . Aside from being used as erotic object in a movie , women is also...

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