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Choose one form of tourism and discuss its impact on United Arab Emirates.

Ecotourism and its Impact on United Arab Emirates

The modern world has seen the emergence of tourism as a leisure activity people do not just on a holiday it has become a growing and promising industry . While others associate it with the destruction of the environment , its apparent contribution to the various sectors of a country could not be discounted . Tourism is more notable for its many benefits to a variety of industries connected with transport or communication , hotel or accommodation , entertainment , food , and other businesses

However , the environmentalists ' apprehensions about

the nature 's destruction may have some basis because the effects of tourism on the environment are significantly rising . Taken for granted in the past , the reported destructions now cause an alarming concern . This is because a lot of areas or tourist destinations worldwide are already ruined leading to the devastation of the only attraction which entices tourists to visit an area . Hence , what the world needs now is tourists responsible visit to various attractions . Through this , the visitors would be able to enjoy themselves . At the same time , they would be able to maintain the world 's beauty and wonder while keeping the place relaxing to live in

Worldwide Tourism : An Overview

According to the 2006 Fact Sheet on Global Ecotourism prepared by The International Ecotourism Society or TIES , there is now a significant growth of global tourism . The Travel and Tourism sector , being the biggest industry sector worldwide , is attributed to the generation of more than 230 million employments and the more than 10 percent of the gross domestic product or GDP in the whole world (TIES , 2006 . This , in effect , results in an increase in international arrivals , ushers developing nations to higher degrees of prosperity , and makes other countries leave their status of being a least-developed nation (World Tourism Organization , 2000 The same TIES report , however , also stated some negative effects of ecotourism such as the reported destruction of coral reefs , accumulation of more wastes , and irrigation problem because golf courses drench a lot of gallons of water (TIES , 2006 . Despite this , TIES theless acknowledges positive aspects of ecotourism with regards to its demand from tourists who now have an increased awareness and dedication to responsible tourism and ultimately , nature 's preservation and advancement of welfare of the local residents (TIES , 2006

The Booming Ecotourism Industry

Of the many forms of tourism , there is now a considerable rise of the ecotourism industry . This is because of the appeal to preserve the environment and uplift the welfare of residents who are living in the tourist area while at the same time enjoying what the nature can offer TIES has defined the comparatively fresh idea of ecotourism as responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment and improves the well-being of local people (TIES , 2006 , 3 . It likewise pertains to the effects of tourism on both natural and human environment wherein the conservation of the natural assets of the area by the local residents is encouraged (TIES...

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