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Paper Topic:

Choose one Native American tribe and discuss how livelihood issues are being addressed on the reservation (casinos,natural resource harvesting, land rights, etc.).

St Regis Mohawk Tribe . They have sued the Interior Secretary to reverse his Decision For fulfilling the needs of the tribe- St Regis Mohawk Tribe was established . It aimed to achieve self-sufficiency and to serve the needs of Akwesasne Community members . They provide essential-Economic development strategies and other services to tribal members

We learn that the Casino plans would have benefited in the Economic Development of the tribes . The Unemployed tribes would have found employment in these Casinos . It was found by the Finding of Fact issued by the Department of

the Interior in April 2000 that it was in the best interest of the tribe ' itself . Soon there would be a hearing for the Department of the Interior 's complete lack of consultation with the Indian Tribes on new Federal Regulations and on unfair notices . Then maybe with the reversals of the answers of the Interior 's the Casino plans might go on . It would only help the Tribal community of Mohawk to prosper . Besides this , there must be no more walk offs either by the partners or by the individual community members . The proposal which seems to have gone dead should soon revive References

About the Mohawk Tribe

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On the Origin of the Mohawks

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The Issue

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-The Top Online Casino Gambling News Reporting Organization ! By Terry Goodwin , posted on November 1 , 2007 , linked to...

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