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Chinese Wedding Traditions





Chinese Wedding Tradition


A wedding day is considered as the most important and memorable event in one 's life because it is their way of affirming their love and intimacy in public . At that very moment , the couple makes sure that everything is perfectly planned , from proposal to reception . This is because the groom usually wants to offer the best to his bride . A wedding is also considered among many nations as a very sensitive event because all aspects of the wedding shall

conform to their beliefs and traditions . The date and place of the wedding are also given considerable significance . Moreover , the wedding rites are meticulously carried out because everything used symbolizes something especially among Chinese

In Chinese tradition , the wedding is purposely to continue their clan and to strengthen the relationship of the two families . It is in the best interest of the parents and so they exert a great deal effort of finding good match for their son . The matching is made very carefully through rituals to ensure the absence of bad omens . Furthermore , a traditional Chinese wedding is interestingly coupled with complicated beliefs to ensure luck , joy , and happiness for the couple

Before the Wedding

The proposal in Chinese wedding is not made by the boy , instead , his parents find a girl that matches him . When the match has been found , the proposal and expression of the match is done through a go- between who would present a gift to the girl 's parents . If the proposal is received , the go- between will get the girl 's birth date and birth hour to be recorded in a formal document which will be placed in the altar of the boy 's family for three days (Chinese Historical and Cultural Project . If within three days , no inauspicious omen occurred like trouble between the two families , the information is given to an astrological expert for confirmation of the match (Chinese Historical and Cultural Project . When a favorable horoscope is found , the girl 's family will also do the same ritual

The next process is the bethrodal where both parents exchange presents as a form of their intentions . During the bethodal , the parents would extensively bargain for the amount of money and goods as a gift to the girl 's family . Usually , the bethodal gifts includes , tea , dragon and phoenix bridal cakes , pairs of male and female poultry , wine , tobacco and others (Chinese Historical and Cultural Project . The cake received by the bride is shared to family friends and relatives as a sign of the wedding announcement and invitation . In exchange , the girl 's family would offer foods and clothing

On the same day , the wedding date is set . It is important among Chinese that the wedding date is a lucky day . The date is chosen according to the lunar calendar when the moon and the stars are properly aligned with the guidance of an astrologist (983Weddings .com . Moreover , it has been a practice that...

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