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Paper Topic:

Childhood obesity






Thesis statement

Childhood obesity represents a threat to health of the US population and it will take the entire community to stop it . These are different methods that could be taken by parents , school teachers and friends of the obese children to prevent it


The prevalence of obesity in both males and females increases with age Consequently the chances that obesity beginning in childhood will persist to adult life are very high . Obesity a condition in which there is excessive

body fat accumulation is said to be present in boys when the index is used for identification of obesity and overweight children . The American Obesity Association uses the 85th percentile which corresponds to a BMI of 25 that indicates overweight the 95th percentile corresponds to a BMI 1 of 30 which indicates obesity in children as well as adults . A child at the 85th percentile is considered to be `at risk level (American Obesity Association , 2005 . An estimated 30 .3 percent of children aged between 6 to 11 years are overweight while 15 .3 percent are obese . Among adolescents this prevalence increases to 30 .4 percent being overweight and 15 .5 percent being obese . The prevalence for being overweight is higher in boys than girls aged 6 to 11 (32 .7 percent vs 27 .8 percent . Among adolescents the overweight prevalence is more or less the same with girls at 30 .2 percent and boys at 30 .5 percent . This prevalence has quadrupled within the last 25 years among children 6 to 11 years while in adolescents the prevalence has increased by more than two times (AOA , 2005 . The changers associated with obesity among children are related to an increase in morbidity and mortality as the child grows older

The prevalence of Type II diabetes among children is reported to have increased significantly over a short time . This increase has been concurrent with the increased prevalence of obesity . In 1992 type 2 diabetes accounted for about 2 to 4 percent of diabetes in childhood but in 1994 , this had increased to 16 percent . High fasting blood insulin levels are reported to be about 12 times higher among other children and adolescents . This is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes . Hypertension is another effect of obesity . Increased blood pressure is a feature occurring 9 times more commonly among children who are obese than those who are not . Orthopedic complications are common in overweight children as they still have cartilage and bone developing which are unable to bear excess weight in an obsess child . This results in bowing and overgrowth of bones in legs . When the weight on the growth plate of the hip becomes too much , range of motion is limited and the child may also experience a lot of pain (AOA , 2005

Negative social effects of obesity such as stigmatization and name-calling . Often children who are overweight are teased by their peers . They develop a body image that is negative and this puts...

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