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Childhood Vs. Adulthood

Running Head : Childhood vs . Adulthood

Childhood and Adulthood : Contrast and Comparison


School Childhood and Adulthood : Contrast and Comparison

When I was a child , I spake as a child , I understood as a child , I thought as a child : but when I became a man , I put away childish things (The Holy Bible , 1 COR , 13 :1

According to the Bible , we as adults must forsake the things that made us children . But do we ever , truly , forget about the things that affected us as children just because we grow

to become adults ? There are certainly factors in our childhood that make us what we are today and these factors continue to influence our lives with parallels in adulthood . Yet so many things change when we reach that magic place in our lives where our parents are no longer the main support and we become solely responsible for ourselves . While we may experience a pang of reminiscence for the simpler times of our childhood , there is much to look forward to as an adult . These two important periods in our lives are at once both alike and different

As a child , my life was mainly directed by my parents . They encouraged me to walk and talk and potty trained me , taught me how to feed myself and get dressed . On to kindergarten and teachers took over the task of guiding me to write my own name , identify colors and memorize the alphabet . Further schooling continued my education in not only subjects of history and math and science but how to socialize with others , how to think , how to behave . In school , I was given a designated time to arrive , the hours I was to attend , when to eat lunch , when to play where I needed to be and what line to stand in to catch the bus home . At home , too , I was told to complete homework assignments before going outside to play and given a snack prepared by my mother . Bed time was strict each night . My days as a child were neatly scheduled for me and kept full of activity so that I would not have too much time for mischief

Now that I have reached adulthood , my life is still being directed to some extent , but in different ways . I have ability to choose a job , but I must work or be unable to pay bills . My chosen job requires me to show up at the same time each day and take a prescribed lunch period . I am given tasks to accomplish and need to continue working until these tasks are complete . My education is continuing through college courses and I have not stopped learning in fact learning takes more thought and effort than it used to at grade school level and homework is much more involved and time-consuming . Although I can go to bed when I want to , I know that if I don 't get the proper amount of sleep I won 't be able...

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