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Paper Topic:

Childhood Event

Shirley Bongbong

Professor Brad Pitt

Course 101

January 29 , 2008

Childhood event

Childhood events , imagined or experienced , in the past affect our memory and increase any likelihood to attempt to experience what was imagined or to try to redo the act of what was experienced . Implications from situations of presumably stored memories influence an individual 's perceived happiness , judgments of regrets and behavior response from imagination procedure in generating event information . People remember distinct events , images and emotions regardless of the source of information that may contain basic

knowledge of their reason to believe and relate these things to present events . My childhood events practically comprise the fundamentals of how I make informed decisions visualize future events and develop judgment

I can very well remember how I used to ask my mother certain things like a new dress , a new bag , an expensive type of and notebook . I was really expecting that they do have a big amount of money stored elsewhere that I always expect them to give me what I want and what I need whenever I requested them . Sometimes it would be amusing to think and say it was not a request anymore but rather a demand that should be complied with immediately . So when I say mom I want this it shall be given to me on that very same day . Of course I am not a spoiled brat because they disciplined me well . It 's just that they tried to give me everything that I want as long as they can afford it . But then that understanding changed the moment mom introduced me to that funny calculator with much numbers on it

It began as an enthusiasm to observe my mother adding and subtracting father 's salary . It was very exciting and fun to observe how number gets bigger when you add them and how it gets little when you subtract something . It was fun way back then and mother took the opportunity to teach me something I haven 't forgotten in my life . She showed me two base numbers at first . She explained it was father and her salary combined . The simple addition and the short explanation were easy for me to understand I guess . It was something like marriage has an impact on one 's earnings . When two people love each other , they marry and live at the same house . I grasp the idea fast . You love you marry and live at the same house , easy I guess

Mother then showed me the calculator and showed me the effect of marriage . Marriage is not only love but a lot of numbers within the relationship from the calculator 's view . She punched on her salary and then punched on father 's salary too . To be clearer with the idea she even wrote it in the . And I said wow marriage is good we have plenty of money just look at the sum of mom and dad 's salaries . Then mom showed me...

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