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No Child Left Behind


No Child Left Behind Act : Pros and Cons

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In January 8 , 2002 , the No Child Left Behind Act , or NCLB , of 2001 was finally signed into law . The NCLB was often the center of debates as it spurred national interest on what terms it could achieve and on what grounds the Act is supposed to weak and open to criticism . The NCLB essentially entails certain provisions such as the task of refining the quality of teachers in schools by

setting-up the highly qualified status as the only acceptable status for schools to acquire the services of an aspiring teacher

Further , the NCLB also aims at a more vigilant watch over the progress of the performance of students among public schools . These assessments will be required so that federal school funding for these public schools will be released . Though there are exceptions under this Act such as private schools and homeschooled learners , the Act nevertheless seeks to significantly raise the school performance level of every student in public schools

Another important thing to note is that the NCBL encourages schools to use scientifically based research strategies in obtaining knowledge for students and in further strengthening the capacities of schools to spur the learning of the students . These schools can have the access to these scientifically based research strategies from various sources funded by the government . Thus , the Act does not only stimulate the schools as an abode for learning from among students . It also brings together the emphasis that the schools themselves should also be equally responsible in providing the educational needs of the students and in meeting the sufficient and exemplary standards in education (Monk ,

. 172

There are at least two competing sides for and against the NCLB offering compelling reasons why to continue with and why to abolish the Act . At the most , the competing sides of pros and cons have their own merits . At the least , these two sides give us a brief yet succinct overview of what the NCLB is all about and , eventually , allow us to take a position

As for the pros of the NCLB , it can be said that the Act indeed improves the test scores of students in the National Assessment of Educational Progress specifically in the areas of math and reading Moreover , it can also be argued that the NCLB actually exceeds the efficiency and effectiveness of certain local standards in the education sector . This is because the NCLB , being a national act , gives students fair chances of experiencing the same teaching standards even when the student transfers from one state to another . It eliminates the chances where a student who has just enrolled in a local school after moving-in to the a rural area would have to make educational adjustments specifically in the classroom setting if only to be acquainted with and survive the school life in another place (Jacob ,

. 135

The NCLB is also said to...

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