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Paper Topic:

Child Labor and Slavery

Running Head : Child Labor and Slavery







Right at the middle of arguments on the economic divide that cuts across the Least Developed Countries (LDCs ) and the Developed Countries (DCs ) is a thorny issue of human rights and human rights abuse . As the chief facet of human rights injustices , slavery and child labor stand out as the main bone of contention . The magnitude of the matter is seen in the fact that reports are rife that child labor and slavery as forms of

injustices against humanity are still in operation even in this 21st century

The gravity of the matter is also seen in the fact that slavery bears longstanding scholarly , legal , sociological and economic development disputes as the chief cause of the economic rift that stands between the DCs in Europe and America , and the LDCs on the other hand . This is to the effect that there are those who call for reparations , even after these practices had been proscribed over two centuries ago

Summary of research findings

There is lucidity in the allegation that annually , 20 million individuals are taken from their countries to foreign countries as slaves . Of these , 60 are children (below the legal age . The collective numbers of those who are used in forced labor are 27 million , according to 2007 UNICEF Reports . It is nevertheless true that the DCs overlook the dangers posed by child labor and slavery . Without any shadow of doubt , there is a clear nexus that...

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