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Cheerleaders are Athletes Too

Cheerleaders are Athletes too

It 's about time that people started recognizing cheerleading as a sport just like soccer , football hockey and basketball are , making cheerleaders athletes in their own right . If there are any supporting arguments that would support the claim , cheerleading is no different from the other conventional sporting events that we know . There is strength , flexibility , conditioning , endurance , and stamina involved in cheerleading while at the same time , all is done with a smile on their faces . They have to do a lot of stunts , tumble (same as a

gymnast ) and also keep the hype up in every game . Cheerleading takes dedication sweat , tears , and heart just like any other sport

Cheerleading has already evolved over the years into an unnamed sport that involves more than just pretty girls jumping up and down waving frilly pom-poms around trying to lead a large group of people with some chants and cheers . Nowadays , even men are involved in cheerleading just as girls would be to some extent . Men cheerleaders usually serve as the go-to guys especially if the cheering routine involves a lot of stunts Insuring that there will be no certain accidents during their routine is also a top priority that cheerleaders do , also just as in any sport

Cheerleaders go to competitions to compete for titles like State or National Championships just like a football team would compete in a Big East Conference bowl . Yet , instead of competing in normal competitions just like in other sports , cheerleaders instead hold a league of their own and support other athletes ' games instead . Keeping audiences hyped up that do not really cheer for them but for the team cheerleaders basically cheer for . Even if what cheerleaders do is the basic stance of what athleticism is all about . They still live on the sidelines of every game they go to ADDIN EN .CITE HerkimerHerkimer Lawrence R .Hollander PhyllisThe complete book of cheerleading285 br

.[1stCheerleading .Cheers .1975 Garden City N .Y ,Doubleday 9X (pbk )General Collection (Third Floor LB3635 .H47 (Herkimer Hollander , 1975

Cheerleaders are disciplined , strong and coordinated . They function with the fluidity , respect and cohesion of a team ' said Mary Buckheit when she wrote an article for ESPN magazine about a college cheerleading team . She went on to say They train hard and focus fast . They hone their craft to accomplish things not even the most athletic ball player cannot . This statement alone supports the idea of making cheerleading in itself a sport

Even what is defined as a sport in government criteria supports the basic notion that indeed cheerleading is already a sport . According to Title IX in the US Department of Educations ' Office for Civil Rights the following criteria are used to define what exactly constitutes a sport

- A physical activity that involves propelling a mass through a space or overcoming the resistance of a mass

- A competition against or with an opponent

- An event governed by rules that explicitly define the time , space and...

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