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Charles J. Keating `dealing with difficult people`

This book helps me to improve my relations with neighbors . Today , I pay a special attention to words and expressions while communicating with others . The second goal I try to follow is to avoid unpleasant and offensive situations as a result of poor non-verbal skills . Communicating with neighbors , I understand that the need , therefore , is to understand the causes of conflict and to develop constructive measures to control conflict . It has been realized that not all conflict is harmful and that perhaps a certain level of conflict is inevitable

I suppose

that the book missing information about friendship and dealing with friends . If I had a possibility to re-write the book I would reduce number of examples and personal stories of difficult people but add real life situations in to demonstrate how the main principles can be applied by readers . It would be useful to add theoretical concepts and interpretations to make the narration more sophisticated and vivid . Also , I would add more sociological concepts and terms in to explain the main tendencies and trends in modern science . Also , I would include a discussion of ethical principles in communication : moral , aesthetic , socio-political , intellectual and epistemic values

This book is helpful to everyone who is interested in psychology and HR management . Also , it can be interested to everyone because difficult people ' are around us and we have to manage our relations with them finding effective ways to interact and communicate with different people . This book could be recommended to everyone who is interested in modern philosophy of life and personal psychology , and for those readers who want to find new approaches in self -understanding and self-realization . The main changes , depicted in the book include new perception of the world and self , new interpretation of freedom and culture


Keating , Ch . J...

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