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Character traits on Scout in to kill a mockingbird

br Character traits on Scout in to kill a mockingbird Scout '92s Character Traits in '93To Kill a Mockingbird '94 Scout '92s character in '93To Kill a Mockingbird '94 shows many enviable traits such as intelligence , innocence , and curiosity . Each of these traits is revealed through action , through the events of the novel , as Scout tells the story , rather than being self-described by Scout or described about her by other characters

Scout '92s intelligence is indicated many time sin the novel , an example is when she starts second grade she

thinks '93The second grade was as bad as the first , only worse - '96 they still flashed cards at you and wouldn '92t let you read or write '94 (Lee , 1960

. 62 . Scout wants to really learn useful skills and she is ahead of the class Scrapbook symbols for Scout '92s intelligence would be the schoolhouse books , and Atticus '92 reading glasses

Innocence is an important issue in '93To Kill a Mockingbird '94 Scout is sometimes confused by the behavior around her and adults try to shield her from realities . Her innocence is challenged in the book but not lost , just as is Boo Radley '92s . When Scout returns to the Radley Place late in the novel and rather than being frightened she thinks '93The Radley Place had ceased to terrify me , but it was no less gloomy , no less chilly '94 (Lee , 1960

. 244 . The place has not changed , but Scout has changed . She is braver than she was before and more knowledgeable but she is not scared or bitter . Scrapbook symbols for innocence would be : the Mockingbird and the courthouse

Scout '92s curiosity is symbolized in the scrapbook by the Treehouse the Radley Place , and the county jail . Were it not for Scout '92s intense curiosity , there would be no story of '93To Kill a Mockingbird '94 Her curiosity helps her go with Jem to the Radley place in the first part of the novel . '93With that I had no option but to join them '94 (Lee , 1960

.56 . Scout wants to know about everything which enables the details of the story to be told

'93To Kill a Mockingbird '94 offers a very complete and enjoyable portrayal of a young , intelligent , curious girl - '96 Scout - '96 whose adventures are as much a part of her own personality and vivid imagination and storytelling skills as they are a part of outer reality The character traits of intelligence , innocence , and curiosity that are part of Scout in the novel help to make the novel seem believable alive , and suspenseful References

Lee , Harper (1960 . To Kill a Mockingbird . Warner Books...

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