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Character analysis The Red Convertible byLouise Erdrich

(Erdrich 104

If there was one thing that truly made Lyman admirable , it was his love for his brother Henry . Henry and Lyman were only half-siblings but their bond was that of genuine brotherhood (Erdrich 105 . They were always together in trips before Henry became a Marine . However , the war dramatically changed Henry he had become emotionally detached (Erdrich 107 . The family struggled to deal with the change , but Lyman remained hopeful for his brother . When the family was brainstorming on how to help Henry , Lyman thought of the red convertible they

shared . In an attempt to bring his older brother back to life , he destroyed the car so Henry could fix it (Erdrich 109 . For Henry 's sake , Lyman destroyed the very same car he maintained in pristine condition in his brother 's absence . Lyman is admirable because he did not hesitate to wreck his prized possession after all the effort he put in to keep it in tip-top condition (Erdrich 109 . Lyman was more concerned about his brother than the car they both loved . Initially , his plan worked restoring the car appeared to have improved Henry 's state . Unfortunately , the effect of the war on Henry was greater than Lyman 's efforts . Lyman lost his brother to the waves of the river . Lyman 's love for Henry was undeniable the story the former narrated is in itself a tribute to the memory of the latter . Long after Henry 's death , Lyman still showed the love for his brother in the way he told their story . This is what makes his character most admirable

In The Red Convertible ' by Louise Erdrich , the character of Lyman Lamantine proved to be a character which readers can look up to . Lyman is an admirable character because at such a young age , he...

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