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Paper Topic:

Character Sketch





Name of Character : Matt Fowler

Physical : His physical countenance reflects a typical father in his 50s . The writer did not explore so much of Matt 's outer manifestations but on Matt 's personality and character

Character 's Strongest Personality Trait : Matt Fowler is a passionate man who loves his wife too much perhaps more than he loves himself . He has an intense love for his children and his wife ultimately overwhelms even his logic and reasoning . Matt is capable of murder because he desires to

br make life easier and better for Ruth Fowler , his wife . Unable to bear any longer seeing his wife overwhelmed with grief for losing their son especially when .at nights in bed she would hold Matt and cry , or sometimes she was silent and Matt would touch her tightening arm , her clenched fist , Matt takes justice on his own hands . The character of Matt Fowler satisfies the standards of an ideal father and husband . He is content with his life blessed with three children and a loving wife but not until the death of his youngest son , Frank

Most Important Thing to Know about the Character : Matt has a very humane nature just like anybody else . In the story , Dubus reveals the extent of human tendencies trough the character of Matt . Before his son 's murder he has a good and strong relationship with his children and wife However , the dark side of his nature is revealed when Frank was...

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