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Character Analysis

Whose Story Is It

An Analysis of Character Development in Tobias Wolff 's Powder

One of the most renowned American , Tobias Wolff is known mainly for his work on the memoir , and short stories . He was part of a new wave of , including Andre Dubus and Raymond Carver , who ushered in a novel style of fiction writing , which is all at once real yet incredible , grounded yet detached , but always engaging . Wolff wrote his short story Powder ' as part of his 1996 collection entitled The Night In Question

There are only

two major characters in the story - the teenaged narrator and his father , and everything takes place within the area of Mount Baker , a skiing resort . The fact that the boy 's parents were on the verge of divorce is established early on , and some of the implied reasons lie in the father 's character . Three s were used in the first few paragraphs of the story that alluded to the father - he had to fight for the privilege , he wouldn 't give up , and he was indifferent to my fretting . These three descriptive phrases convey a picture of a man with an aggressive nature , and would always pursue what he wants this is proven by his keeping the flashy Austin-Healey , by insisting on taking his son to a club , and by being focused on bringing him home - so as not to get his wife 's ire , for he believes they would still be able to patch things up . At the end of the story , it is the son himself who uses several adjectives on his father - rumpled , kind bankrupt of honor , flushed with certainty . He was a great driver . All persuasion , nor coercion ' After reading the story in its entirety one would be able to associate the seemingly carefree and spontaneous characterization of the father to his being a man of gentle manner , yet gregarious tone what his son lacked in youthfulness and spirit , he completely made up for

The methods of character development , as applied to the story , further examines the contrasting personalities of father and son

Narrative summary without judgment . While the father is almost explicitly judged through specific mentions of behavior and mindsets the son , being the narrator , only reveals his true character of being methodical and systematic at the end of the story . The reader will only assume him to be a young boy easily influenced by his father

Narrative with implied or explicit judgment . Exactly the way the father is discussed , as mentioned previously

Surface details of dress and appearance . For the father , the main points would be his Austin-Healey , and his son 's mention of his being rumpled , kind , and forty-eight years old . The son is later described through his system with his clothes hangers , as being forward-thinking and methodical , and not exactly one who would take risks

Character 's actions - what they do . The father is eager , spontaneous and has no regard for rules , except when already in dire...

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