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Paper Topic:

Character Analysis on John Oakhurst in `The Outcasts of Poker Flat`

People have various ways to survive . The outcasts in the story have their own reasons for being in the business they are in : it 's for their survival , to eat . For that reason , the people , the so-called moralists of Poker Flat tag them as undesirables that must be eradicated . The crude justice of the Poker Flat 's judgmental populace has quickly meted a verdict that set the four outcasts to leave the place to their doom What they are not aware of is that inside the tainted surface of the four outcasts lies

a hidden goodness . If gambling is immoral , as the case of John , isn 't also appropriate to expel the townspeople who have played poker with John ? It seems that the secret committee is blinded by their hasty effort to quickly eliminate John . Perhaps , that time , they are not yet aware of the saying ' Do not judge the book by its cover

For discussion , prove the norm of morality the townspeople used in condemning the outcasts as immoral and undesirable characters . Is moral issue the true driving force for the townspeople to expel bad elements from their place ? Explain the presence of hypocrisy in the story Support your answer with details

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