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Chapter 12 of Bramstokers Dracula





Foreshadowing , Irony and Symbol in Chapter 12 of Bram Stoker 's Dracula

Many novels of the gothic era employ techniques used to advance the author 's theme and to enhance the experience for the reader . In Dracula , Bram Stoker efficiently utilizes the techniques of foreshadowing , irony , and symbolism in to advance the theme of good versus evil and to build suspense in the reader . The climactic Chapter Twelve contains particularly illuminating examples of these techniques

Chapter Twelve of this novel contains the dramatic scene

in which Lucy dies at the hands of the vampire . His bite has sucked the life from her despite the valiant actions of Van Helsing and company . Lucy 's death follows on the heels of two others - her mother 's and Mr . Hawkins - the second of which the reader learns about in a letter from her friend Mina . The reader becomes aware of the foreshadowing of the first two deaths , that being that Lucy is close to death . In another letter , the reader and characters become aware that Renfield has become agitated at the moving of boxes of earth which must contain the resting places of Dracula 's vampires . Additionally , when the doctor proclaims Lucy to finally be at peace and at an end of suffering , Van Helsing asserts Not so , alas ! Not so . It is only the beginning ' This gives the reader the knowledge that Lucy has become one of the vampires and is now in league with the evil forces that Dracula represents

This chapter also focuses upon a few symbols that help to further the theme of good versus evil . Three of these in particular are blood , the color white and garlic . In much of the universal body of literature blood represents the life force , the concept of Christian communion , and the existence of evil in the form of violence . In this chapter , blood represents all three . Clearly , Lucy must have a blood transfusion again , to replace the vital fluid that the vampire has stolen . This time , Morris heroically provides it for her as [a] brave man 's blood is the best thing on this earth when a woman is in trouble Unfortunately , Lucy has also been the victim of violence . The vampire has stolen her life force in a perversion of the Christian communion ceremony . However , considering that Dracula must have blood to survive the blood still maintains its life force

Lucy 's face during her last day is described as almost whiter than the lawn ' Her paleness is a stark contrast to the color of red blood . The white color typically represents innocence and purity , as it intends to do with the beautiful and fragile Lucy . Lucy , as mentioned above , is clearly the victim here . Her innocence has been robbed , stolen by the vampire . To combat the continued attack of this evil , the group must constantly place the foul-smelling garlic around the necks of those being attacked . This garlic represents the long-held superstitions of the people...

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