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Changing Behaviors

Changing Behaviors

Why don 't people change behaviors despite the knowledge that they are harmful

According to Bryner (2006 , there are several reasons why humans do no quit from doing harmful things or habits despite being aware of how these bad behaviors would negatively affect the health . For instance smokers know that cigarette can harm the lungs and could ultimately die from the chemicals that they inhale through smoking . Yet , they continue to do it . Based on studies , humans can 't quit because they do not fully grasp the effect of

the habit . They have a bline knowledge of the harmful effects but not enough to cause panic . Another reason could be is that they have grown dependent or addicted to a particular drug There are people who take prescription sleeping pills because without it , they won 't be able to relax . Over time , they 'd grow dependent on the drug and would continue taking them because their systems have gotten used to the drug . Another angle could be the need to be socially accepted or to show defiance . It 's a classic example that young people tend to be swayed to do harmful behavior because of peer pressure . Or some teenagers would drink , smoke , or do drugs as acts of defiance against their parents

What may increase the chances that a person will change a health behavior

A person 's health behavior can be affected by several factors . These include : lifestyle changes , emotional health , media and trend

Lifestyle change , for example , in people who are already in their late adulthood are more aware that being healthy could lengthen their lives As a result , they exercise , eat healthy foods , quit smoking and avoid drinking alcohol (Kurtus , 2002

Emotions can also play a part in a person 's health behavior . A person who suffers from bouts of depression either loses appetite or eats more This tendency is dictated by the emotional state of that person (Estes 2002

The impact of media and what 's the current trend could also impact health behavior . If health tonics are being advertised heavily , the tendency is for people to start believing on the promotional blurbs This would become a trend wherein majority would be shifting to a particular kind of health habit

What is the role of theory in development of interventions

The role of theory in developing interventions , for instance in health care , include : promoting health behavior understanding , providing research direction , and helping transfer interventions from one setting location , or health issue , to another (Munro et . al , 2007

Theory present to the professionals the fundamentals on how to go about creating the models of intervention . Without theory , there will be no common ground to start from . Once the fundamentals are established , the methods and direction can now be determined for the research project on how an intervention will be developed . For instance , in the treatment of people with HIV , the medical practitioners would start the treatment process by studying what are the proposed hypothetical...

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