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Changes to Private Security after 9/11

Running Head : Changes to Private Security after 11th September 2001






My feeling whether the private security has adequately responded (or overreacted ) to the current situation in America post-9 /11 , why I feel this way and what I think should be done to improve the security situation is critically analyzed in the project

My particular area of focus in project two was the Transportation Security Administration (TSA ) where I was able to gather substantial amount of changes to the private security after 9 /11

attacks HYPERLINK "http /www .heritage .org /Research /HomelandSecurity /bg1955 .cfm http /www .heritage .org /Research /HomelandSecurity /bg1955 .cfm

Transport security administration which ensures airport security was created by congress . This is to ensure that all passengers are thoroughly checked and any suspected who appears to threaten the safety of America is cornered . Any suspicious materials like bombs or scalpels are therefore confiscated . On March 01 , 2003 , the TSA was merged with the US Department of Homeland security with an overall responsibility of ensuring the security of the transportations system . These systems include ports , buses , railroads , transit systems , highways and 450 US Airports . It is therefore the full responsibility of TSA to maintain the safety and protection of the above systems ( HYPERLINK "http /www .tsa .gov /who-we-are /what-is-tsa .shtm http /www .tsa .gov /who-we-are /what-is-tsa .shtm

Private security agencies that provide security must be under the Transportation and security Administration . The TSA also formulates policies that ensure the safety of forms of transportation . It also screens passenger 's luggage in the commercial airports and deals with any form of theft

Despite all the efforts of the TSA , its response to security matters is full of loopholes . Crimes are still being reported despite the heavy investment on the facilities that offer security . Sales of confiscated passenger luggage , inappropriate security checks , disrespect of passenger privacy and improper screening of fake bombs are some of the inefficiencies that have been observed

The private security 's overreaction is paradoxical because of its numerous faults . The hefty investment on security gadgets has been a big let down considering the fact that the expensive detection system is of low performance

The private security overacted by forming so many security branches to beef up security in the United States . The Aviation and Transportation Security Act of 2001 (ATSA , the Homeland Security Act of 2002 (HAS ) and the Federal Management Agency (FEMA ) are just a few of the security branches that have used millions of dollars and yet their effectiveness is not up to standard

The understaffed transport security administration and the screening of airport employees which is inadequate pose a threat to US security . The security of air cargo is also questionable ( HYPERLINK "http /www .heritage .org /Research /HomelandSecurity /bg1955 .cfm http /www .heritage .org /Research /HomelandSecurity /bg1955 .cfm

However there are a few things if fixed could boost the American security . This might involve restructuring the entire transportation security administration and giving it powers to structure policies that guide...

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