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Ceremonial Speech to my father

Indian is not ready for independence . This automatically sparks resistance in most of public places in to prove to the entire world that all is not well in India was a Governed for fear of being seen by the international community as having fallen out with the India

Mahatma Gandhi holds a different view and believes that the use of violence will brand him a terrorist and that the world will not be able to know the motive behind the struggle . The hunger strike is not a known weapon for fighting against

your enemy . People thought it was only made for religious purposes . So it came to the world that it was a powerful weapon that could make your enemy listen to your grievances . Thus Indians adopted non-violence from its initiator and became the first country to achieve independence by using it


Shahid Amins book is seen as a great inspiration to the Indians . It succeeds in consoling and congratulating the Indians freedom fighters who lost their lives and property during the liberation . He proves to them that their effort was not wasted but bore fruits which many Indians enjoy today . In fact his collection provokes the memories of the Indians and makes the event appear fresh to them The scholars interested in Asian history find Amins book a great source , rich in the events prior to the independence of the India . Provokes critics to argue and analyze the characters discussed in the book

The police obviously are disliked for their cruelty discharging their duties . For is a force used by the colonialist to suppress the fighters for independence

The Chauri Chaura villagers cannot be ignored for the contribution to liberate the country although they acted contrary to the expectation of Mahatma Gandhi

The natives complain that they are...

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