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Causes and Aftermath of the Algerian War and Africa in world politics






Algerian War

Most of the African countries have at one time of another been engaged into warfare , either as a struggle for liberation from the colonialism or as a response from the bad governance which has characterized most parts of this continent . I believe that some of these struggles are justified since they led to liberation of the masses . For example the fight to draw away the colonialist was a noble cause since it brought independence in this region . The colonial powers were

only up to satisfy their greedy appetite for resources from Africa leaving the continent bare with depleted resources . They were determined to milk Africa dry and perhaps this explains why they clung to the colonies for so long such that they had to be thrown away either through armed struggles or through international pressure . Some of the colonies were determined to make African countries their overseas territories so that they can continue oppressing the Africans . One such rule was the French government which wanted to extend their unwelcome stay in Algeria culminating into a struggle which had massive effects some of which are still felt today

One of the countries in Africa where the struggle for independence was quite remarkable and will for ever be in the history books is Algeria In this I will attempt to explore the causes of this war that brought hope to the Algerian people and changed the course of their history forever . I will explain...

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