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Cause and effect of stereotyping

Cause and Effect of Stereotyping

From the time immemorial , one thing that human beings as a race have been good at is stereotyping . It doesn 't necessarily mean that all men and women tend to stereotype other sections of people . But a lot of them do

What is it that causes stereotyping ? Mostly , it is due to a set of preconceived notions about a section of people or a place that has been ingrained into us sub-consciously . We all know that downtown areas in most areas are dangerous places . We tend to

equate this to the people who live there as well . The moment we meet someone who lives in the downtown , the natural reaction is whether you would be safe being with that person . The cause here is the bias that all people from the downtown are dangerous . And the effect of this could be - that person would have been a great help to you in some way , but you missed out

This is just a small example of how stereotyping could affect us . The effects could be more drastic . Consider for example that you are an international businessman and you have heard that people from a certain country , let us say `X ' are not easy to do business with and also that the products from that country are inferior . Suppose you need certain supplies , which are supplied by a firm in `X ' and that from your own country . As a result of the stereotype in your mind , you...

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