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Cause and Effect Essay

Human experience dictates that a bond formed out of love is always naturally stronger than mere moral obligation except under some rare conditions

The most significant identifiable factor involved in the failure of American marriages is the inability of the married couple to resolve the differences between their perception of an idyllic married life and the reality of their situation . In other words , couples are unable to distinguish between the fantasy of the perfect marriage and the realities and responsibilities that come with getting married . This leads to frustrations with the

perceived imperfections in actual married life . These frustrations slowly build up until one or both parties might opt for divorce . There is a shock factor when couples realize that married life is not as ideal as they originally envisioned . In some instances , this is enough to drive them into a divorce . In any case , the inability to accept the realities and headaches that come with married life is enough to sour the couple 's relationship

In of ascending importance , therefore , there are four prevailing reasons to which , the high divorce rate of American marriages can be attributed to . They can be summarized briefly as follows : Early marriages that lead to rocky relationships in married life due to the lack of experience with real world problems alcoholism from the husband , the wife or both parties resulting in habitual violent behavior on the part of the husband or frustration and emotional breakdowns on the part of the wife marriages entered into out of obligations stemming from circumstances only tangentially related to the actual relationship leading to a union out of obligation rather than mutual love and consent and lastly , the inability to distinguish the ideal fantasy marriage from the realities of married life and its corresponding trials and obligations . It is...

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