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Cause and Effect

Living with someone is not always easy . When you are sharing a space with someone , great patience , respect , and understanding are necessary Even if you are friends with someone , there are just certain rules that you should follow in to make living together a good experience and keep the friendship intact . It 's almost inevitable that at least an argument or two will occur , or at least a small disagreement , even it 's just about something as small as not emptying the lint trap in the dryer frequently enough . Sometimes , when you 're

living with someone , it just takes a while to establish boundaries and understand where to step and where not to step when it comes to your roommates . However , sometimes little problems add up , due to a lack of respect from one roommate towards another roommate , or repeated occurrences of the same problem That creates big problems between roommates , regardless of friendship

One of the primary reasons for problems between roommates is messiness When you 're living alone , you have license to be as messy as you want Even when you 're sharing a living space with someone , if you have your own room , you can keep it as messy as you want . But , when you 're living with people , you must be mindful of the fact that it 's not just your home , and do your part to keep the common , shared areas like the kitchen , living room , etc . clean . As the saying goes , a clean house is a happy house . That saying is especially true when it comes to a shared home . Unfortunately , some people think otherwise . Leaving dirty dishes lying around on the tables or on the counters , or allowing them to pile up in the sink without bothering to wash them means that others are forced to do double duty with their chores , and it just makes for a sight for a sore eyes in general . If a dish is left for a few hours , or maybe overnight , that might not be a cause for unhappiness , but if dishes are left in the same place for days at a time , especially with bits of food still on them , then that just becomes disgusting . If someone has had a party the night before , it is their responsibility to clean up the mess that may have been left , instead of leaving it there for it to become an eyesore or for the other roommate (s ) to have to clean it up . Sticky or dusty floors or counters , or letting food crumbs build up on the floors or tables , or the above problem of leaving dishes lying around with food still on them , can lead to insects . That creates an entirely new , nasty problem . And , if you are sharing a bathroom with a roommate , leaving hair in the sink or shower drain , or not cleaning the toilet , shower /bathtub , or sink frequently enough can lead to buildups of dirt or mold , which no one in the...

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