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Cause and Effect 5 Paragraph Essay


The Effects of Increased Amount of Violence in Modern Mass Media on Children and Youth

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The Effects of Increased Amount of Violence in Modern Mass Media on Children and Youth

It is difficult to disagree that the issue of excessive amount of violence in modern mass media and its destructive effects on children and youth is one of the most volatile social problems . Within the last decade the motifs connected with cruelty and

aggressive behaviors have been dominating our television , video games , cinema art and other mass media . There are several causes of this problem and the most important of those is ideological changes , which took place in our minds lately It is obvious that the realities of our times affect social and personal values of modern people , making the majority of them prefer , for example , physical power to intellectual skills , etc . Besides , modern mass media magnates understood that viewing violence , aggression horrors and various abnormalities became a very popular and effective entertainment tool for modern young people . Finally , prevalence of stereotypes and lack of traditional morality in our mass media is another cause of this problem

The first key effect of this issue is mental damage and harm visited upon modern children and youth , their development and formation of their personal identity . It is proved that , since young children and teenagers are more vulnerable and sensitive , they are extremely responsive to all harmful effects and influences of bad role models in media . When they are exposed for long time to excessive amount of violence and aggression , they usually have a strong tendency to imitate brutal behaviors . In addition , children and teenagers can demonstrate such reactions on continuous consumption of various types of media violence as poor social skills , problematic development , aggressive thoughts and responses , different mental or psychological diss , fears , lack of confidence , depression , inability to adopt certain social rules or to achieve good personal or academic progress , and so on

The second negative effect of this problem is increased amount of violence , aggressive and hostile behavior of young people and teenagers in real life , resulting in extremely high juvenile crime rates and decreasing level of public safety . Nowadays , American people are regularly reported about random shootings in schools and universities or other acts of juvenile violence occurred in our country . Massacre in Virginia Tech University is among the most memorable examples of destructive effects of media violence on modern youth . Despite the fact that specialists and researchers can not reach consensus and understand how deeply exposure to violence and cruelty in entertainment media affects young people and causes brutal behavior in real life , there are no doubts that these two concepts are closely interconnected (Media Awareness Network , n .d

Finally , the third and , probably , the most pessimistic effect of this problem is children 's incorrect perception of this world and this life as well as transformation of the standards of social...

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