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The Cause and the Effect of the Gettysburg Battle

Causes and Consequences of the Gettysburg Battle



The Battle of Gettysburg holds enormous importance in the Civil War and to the American history . It not only resulted in the victory of the Union Army , but turned the tide of the war . There are both proximate and ultimate causes to this battle

Proximate Causes of the Battle

The Confederate army was the aggressor . Besides the general motive of fighting and winning the war , it had three particular motives 1 ) to seek and find new supplies 2 ) to give strength

to the Northern peace movement 's clamor to end the war 3 ) to gain recognition by Europe

Ultimate Causes of the Battle

Pro-slavery South vs . Anti-slavery North . Pro-industrialization North vs . Anti-industrialization South . Pro-centralization North vs Anti-centralization South

The Momentous Consequence of the Battle

The eradication of slavery and the realization of the Emancipation Proclamation


Bloodiest war in the Civil War , had great causes and great consequences

So it was no cause and no country he fought for , no ideal and no justice . He fought for his people , for the children and the kin , and not even the land , because not even the land was worth the war , but the people were , wrong as they were , insane even as many of them were , they were his own , he belonged with his own (Shaara 251

1 . Introduction : The Battle of Gettysburg , taking place between July 1-3 of 1863 , was the most important battle of the Civil War . The Northern troops defeated the Southern troops , thus preventing the Confederate army from moving farther into Union territory . The Battle of Gettysburg helped decide the outcome of the Civil War , and is considered by military historians as a crucial turning point of the long blood-drenched conflict (Catton . By turning back the second and final invasion of the North by General Robert E . Lee and his Army of Northern Virginia , the Union army preserved the country . The ultimate causes of this momentous battle naturally coincide with those of the Civil war itself . The Civil War , lasting just over five years from April 12 1861 to May 26 1865 , took 600 , 000 lives and brought freedom to 4 million black slaves : the direct and primary cause of the war was the issue of slavery . There were other complex political and economic issues too However , the most proximate cause that triggered this decisive battle is , supposedly , as mundane and down to earth (literally ) as the Confederate infantry 's search for a fresh supply of shoes

2 . Proximate Causes of the Battle : The origins of the Gettysburg battle lie in the deliberate decision of Robert E . Lee and the Confederate President Jefferson Davis to once again invade the North . Following the battle of Antietam , which had stopped Lee 's first invasion of the North the previous September , the Confederate army fought a series of successful battles in Virginia at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville However , despite these victories , the war was rapidly depleting the limited resources available within the Southern...

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