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Cause and Effect - Cloning

Cause and Effect - Cloning

Cloning , especially human cloning , is associated with a wide variety of effects . Some of these effects will be positive for society , helping it overcome the medical problems that seem insurmountable today . On the other hand , there can also be negative effects that will pose danger to humanity

On the positive side , cloning will open new exciting opportunities for reproductive medicine , enabling couples who have already given up hope to have children . In this sense cloning will be used in the so-called assisted reproduction . This new method will

complement the already existing methods including in-vitro methods of fertilization , donor eggs , donor sperm , and /or surrogate mothers (AMA , 1998 ,

.3 . However cloning can prove more effective that these methods , opening new perspectives

In addition , through cloning scientists will be able to make breakthroughs in the area of tissue donation . As of present transplanting tissue and organs from one individual to another often results in the adverse reaction from the immune system that rejects the transplanted tissue . With cloning , medical professionals will have a chance to create a person with tissues immunologically matched to those of an existing individual (AMA , 1998 ,

.4 . With cloning doctors will perform either somatic cell transfer or create special embryos for the purpose of subsequent destruction in to obtain their tissues and organs . Although this method has valid ethical concerns , it can also help save millions of human lives . At the moment the tissues for medical transplants often have to come from close relatives who are willing to donate their kidney or liver part to save their loved one , minimising the risk of problems with the immune system At the same time , there is also an illegal market for tissues and organs in which children are kidnapped and sold `in parts . The development of cloning will help overcome these problems

However , for all its positive effects , cloning also entails serious concerns , especially in the legal and ethical sphere . For example scientists are worried that since the technique of reproductive cloning has not yet been sufficiently tested , it has to be refined to a greater extent to warrant its use . If it is applied in its current state , it may lead to the appearance of children with developmental anomalies . Instead of a healthy child with desired characteristics , a woman can receive an abnormal child

Since a cloned child will be genetically identical to one of the parents , there will be issues of defining parenthood involved . Is the father at all related to the child if the child is a genetic clone of the mother ? This would pose challenges to courts in sorting out parenthood claims . Overall , the family unit might be different with the introduction of cloning (AMA , 1998 ,

.6 . Cloning is a different way of reproducing human beings than the one employed before and will have serious implications for all kinds of relationships within the family

There is also a concern about the possible use of cloning for eugenics - the...

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