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Cattle Industry

Bovine Somatotropin

Bovine somatotropin , or BST , is a naturally occurring protein hormone from cattle 's pituitary glands when it is about to give birth . This hormone enlarges the mammary glands for the production of milk

BST , however , can be reproduced artificially through genetic engineering . The artificial product , known as a recombinant protein , is injected to cattle to make its milk production higher . Because of its nature , using the rBST has its advantages and disadvantages in relation to the food chain

Cows injected with rBST produces more milk , which is something positive

br for humans since we need it to keep healthy . Also , an increase in milk production would lower prices of dairy products . However , milk from cows injected with rBST have a high level of BST and IGF-1 , a growth factor that is like insulin and is alleged to be a carcinogen . Since humans belong to the highest strata in the food chain , it would be drinking milk and eating dairy products from cows that received inducement in lactation

Manufacturers insist that an increased level of IGF-1 won 't harm humans saying that the higher level is negligible . Also , even if BST level transferred to humans is higher , it can 't do any harm because this protein is non-functional in the human body . They also conducted studies , which affirmed their claims that milk composition won 't change despite the injection of an artificial factor in cattle lactation Critics of the process assert that the amino acid chains from the artificial BST can interfere with the protein-immune system action in the body . Some studies found that there are links between higher level of IGF-1 factor and some cancers . Also , some animal rights ' advocates find the practice unethical and dangerous to both cattle and humans


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