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Case study: Performance Evaluation at Western Savings


Companies and corporations exist to conduct businesses as established in their respective mission and vision statements . These goals , mission and vision statements are achieved through the employment of a workforce . The workforce therefore of a company is as important as the mission or vision statement as the case may be

The employees are the backbone of the corporation . They move the company into what it is called for in the community depending on the nature of the business it is in . Thus , these employees must be treated with importance and

high regard and in a manner consistent with equality and fairness . Corporations , in the conduct of their business , must ensure the safety and well being of every employee . In fact , laws provide for compensation benefits and packages to promote healthy working conditions and protect the rights of workers against possible abuses of the management and eventually endanger their rights guaranteed by the constitution as well as those provided for in statutes

The foregoing however does not warrant unwarranted benefits in favor of the employees . The corporations or management has the right likewise to protect its own interest particularly that which relates to its relations with the employees . In corporate success , it is necessary that goals and objectives of the management and /or proprietors on one hand and that of the employees on the other hand meet in to achieve the corporate goals . Thus , the need to determine whether individual performance meets the set corporate goals and objectives it...

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