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Case Study #2

Running Head : Case 9 .2 Case Incident 9 .2 : The Vacation Request



Case Incident 9 .2 : The Vacation Request

In this case , an employee who was requesting vacation time bypassed his supervisor 's approval and went directly to the boss of the company to ask for , and receive , a week off coinciding with two other co-worker 's vacation plans . According to washroom gossip , Luther , the supervisor , is viewed as being incompetent due to the fact that employees at this organization can override Luther 's decisions and receive the

answer they want from Harry , the boss

The initial problem in this company is the chain of command . Evidently Harry enjoys having his say in every decision , no matter how small Harry is propagating an atmosphere of distrust by the staff for the supervisors he employs to manage them . An image of self-importance seems to be what Harry is projecting . When faced with an employee 's request such as time off for vacation , Harry would have been better served to direct the employee to his immediate supervisor - in this case , Luther - and remind him of the proper procedure

Tom , the employee who desired a week off in May to go fishing , was certainly at fault for going over Luther 's head to get his request approved . However , by listening to the washroom gossip , we learn that this is a common scenario and Tom most likely did not see anything wrong with doing something that is implicitly approved

Luther , for his part , is no less to blame . By allowing his employees to seek Harry 's approval , Luther is showing little backbone and has lost the respect of his staff . It is up to Luther to enforce the rules of the workplace the first rule should be that his staff must have his signature on a written form to approve or disapprove any time off requests

Luther needs to take up the issue of his staff 's vacation requests with Harry . He should explain to his boss how debilitating and costly it is to the company to have such a lack of communication . Not only did Harry 's decision render Luther incompetent , but it created a hole in staffing for the third week of May that must now be filled either with temporary workers or Luther himself . In either case , the situation is not optimum . Should Luther have to cover the loss of three staff members in one week , his own duties will be pushed back . Should he decide to cover the loss with temporary employees , the monetary cost is prohibitive . Both scenarios should be brought up to Harry , as well as the fact that he is undermining Luther 's authority

Harry may well feel he is doing a hands-on ' job of running the company and tell Luther he is only trying to help . Luther 's response needs to bring Harry 's attention to the lack of respect this type of behavior reinforces in the staff . According to an article in Creditworthy...

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