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Case Study Six Sigma at 3M, Inc.

Running Head : SIX SIGMA

Six Sigma at 3M





Six Sigma at 3M

Benefits , Costs , and Risks of the Six Sigma Program

Jeanne O 'Connell , who is the current Director of Six Sigma Operations said that the focus of Six Sigma is to bring about an ly and consistent approach to a business activity . This in turn would lead to a sustainable growth for the company . According to her , adopting Six Sigma would lead to (Hill et al , 2007

A single approach to common


The company will be able to speak and understand a common language

Six Sigma will be able to develop transferable skills

It is the most effective method of improving and accelerating business performance

However , while there are benefits , the Six Sigma approach likewise poses some challenges to 3M 's effort to become globally competitive . For one , the Six Sigma approach will require the company to improve their processes to 3 .4 parts for every million defects , which the company cannot currently afford . Likewise , existing customers do not need such level of quality (Hill et al , 2007

Another challenge posed by Six Sigma is that it is too complex and requires too much statistics which the employees cannot handle at the moment . Aside from that , the approach is only applicable to the manufacturing sector and not on service or transaction-based processes The expenses for training as well as appointment of full-time black belts are too costly (Hill et al , 2007

When McNerney came...

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