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Case Study for School Counselor


Case Study of School Counselor (Name (College /University (Course (Date


This discusses a case about William , who had a sudden change in behavior . It also tackles the position of the counselor in taking the case , including what information should be obtained , what method to use and what to change if the client were of younger age

Case Study for School Counselor Information Gathering

Although two friends of William went to report his case , additional information is still required to fully understand what it is

that is causing his unusual behavior . Information from William 's other close friends is also needed to determine any factor , peer-related or school-related , that might have caused it . His parents also play key roles in determining the issues surrounding him . Information such as family history or any present issues that William 's family is facing would be essential in understanding his condition

Through an interview , I would like to gather information from William regarding his family , friends , romantic relationships , and alike . This would help me find potential causes for his behavior

Possible Issues

There are a number of possible issues that may be involved with William . He seems to be quiet and withdrawn but he never misses school It might have something to do with his family , since he does not stay home in spite of his loss of interest in his academic life . Another angle is that he may have issues regarding the two clubs that he is...

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