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Case Study Question and Answer

The Blue Whale Moving Company Inc , has grown rapidly since its inception in the year 1998 from a two member managing crew . With a small initial investment of 10 ,000 in the year 1988 its revenue had reached 1 .7 million by the year 1993 in a span of just five years . This it has been able to achieve with the focus on its mission , which is directed towards achieving complete customer satisfaction

The company can achieve major growth by leveraging its present strength of sound financial growth and customer loyalty by making some

major changes in its marketing approach . One area of marketing the company can focus on is marketing through its website . The company can develop an excellent website . Separate links can be provided on the website to cater to different segments of its customers like individual customers and corporate customers . Further links can be provided to separate short-haul moves from long-haul moves . Provision should be made on the website to enable the customer to arrive at the price estimates of his /her individual moves . Support should be provided on the website to enable the customer to easily place the move on the website itself . Once the s are received on the Internet the branch office closest to the locations of the customer can contact him /her immediately for further confirmation and execution of the

This professional approach in an industry not known for professionalism will provide a great competitive advantage for Blue Whale in the highly competitive moving market . The process will greatly reduce the marketing costs a part of which can be passed on to the customer increasing the price competitiveness

With the increase in usage of the Internet all over the globe it will enable the company to expand successfully both nationally and internationally . A part of the revenue can be reinvested to open more branches all over the world helping the company growth further

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