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Case Study 6, Dr. Johnson, Network Medical Director

(Judge and McLaughlin , n .d


The organization structure of Vigilant-Xtra Mile HealthCare is divided into six regional offices throughout the U .S . to handle this vast operation there are three medical directors each with specific jobs The first medical director is Network Medical Director , who is appointed to Dr . Johnson with report to each general manager in the six regions His job includes developing and managing the professional medical network etc

Figure 1 Six Regions of Vigilant-Xtra Mile HealthCare

Patient Management Director that is responsible for the utilization

management , preauthorization , length-of-stay reviews , case management development , retrospective reviews , and disease management enrollment The report of Patient Management Director is dedicated to core team at Wheeling , headquarter for healthcare operations . In addition , there is also regional Quality Medical Director who is responsible for quality management staff in Boston

The salient difference between the three directors appear as the organization structure of Vigilant-Xtra Mile HealthCare can be described into three functions : sales and marketing that handled by the Network Medical Director operation that handled by Patient Management Director and customer service and internal operation that handled by Quality Medical Director

Dr . Johnson 's career

The job of Dr . Johnson 's career represents the job in the sales and marketing function , which can be quantified . So the proposed practical and operational evaluative measures that we would use highlight the target achievement . Table 1 shows typical jobs evaluation for Network Medical Director that incorporate two functions as described above the two functions are ability and motivation . Ability describe how a person is able to achieve the targeted sales volume , for instances while motivation represents how good the salesperson is driven to achieve the best performance by taking into account his or her absenteeism , learning development and many others

Table 1 Example of Performance Appraisals...

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