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Case 1.1: Made in the U.S.A-Dumped in Brazil, Africa, Iraq...

The goods and products that they need , and have not benefited from in the past due to their economic situations , will be sold at low prices . This allows them to purchase their needs without having to stretch their budgets to acquire it . The government , on the other hand , remains to be respected as a beacon of hope as it accomplishes its duties to provide for its citizens

Although Kant and Smiths ' perspectives support dumping as a saving grace for people and governing bodies in third world countries , as well as manufacturers

and business institutions , moral responsibility as an ethical concept challenges this optimistic view . Mill argued that being a human being - morally and socially responsible - but at the same time unsatisfied is better than going against morality to satisfy oneself Mill 's concept follows the idea of utilitarianism which is focused on the morality of an action based on the goodness or badness of its consequences . I believe that the process of dumping goods to other countries should be restricted such that the utility of the action is considered . I stand for moral and social responsibility such that the consequences should be acknowledged and prevented if it shows to endanger or risk the health and security of the majority

Although governments seem to be doing their citizens a favor in providing them with efficient goods and products that will be sold in the market inexpensively , their intention or purpose does not justify the consequences . Dumping might seem a strong option to solve economic crises in third world countries , but they are slowly leading their nation to its death by endangering them and risking their lives Moreover , developed countries who detect flaws in goods and products have the responsibility to control the production of goods even if factories or manufacturing institutions...

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