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Case 10.1 : Electrolux Cleans Up

Running Head : ELECTROLUX Electrolux

Communication holds the key to success everywhere and in every domain of life . Businesses rely on effective communication to take place between the managers and employees in to increase the productivity of the organization and the efficiency with which they work

Electrolux Chief Executive joined the company when the company was treading in hot waters . They were losing on their customer base on a lot of products and the CEO had to make difficult choices regarding how to make the organization work again for success . For this purpose

, he chose the path of increased effective communication and the reliance on group work and team work that has been considered instrumental in bringing about a phenomenal positive success to many organizations now . Reducing costs by shutting down many plants in the Western Europe and shifting work to cheaper places Straberg also went forward to bring about an organizational culture . He forced his designers and engineers , marketers and managers to work together in a groups and teams . He encouraged them to increase information sharing between them to remove communicational barriers to brainstorm and work together to come up with products . In to speed up the communication and team building processes , he hired executives from successful companies who have already implemented these systems successfully in their cultures . These companies included br

G and PepsiCo etc

The incorporation of the concept of teams in Electrolux was definitely a good decision . There are a number of advantages associated with...

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