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Carnival Cruise Lines


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Carnival Corporation is the largest cruise line in the world . It carries the largest number of passengers , generates large sums of revenues and is considered to have ample capacity to carry passengers goods , services etc . Initially it had two converted ocean liners and now it has grown into a successful business boasting two cruise divisions with the third one in progress . Along with the cruise business , it also

br has a chain of Alaskan hotels accompanied with tour coaches . From the above achievements , it is visible that the main aim of the firm is to expand the business and gain perfection in the cruise business so as to cater to all groups of people . It is continuously striving to expand the business in all possible ways . Be it by introducing casinos , bars superliners etc . It completely revolutionized the cruise business by conducting TV shows . Precisely , the corporation is growing very fast making maximum contracts and accomplices


Carnival Corporation was already gaining popularity and to make it even more different and successful from other cruise businesses , the company adopted different techniques and strategies . It introduced shipliners increased the passenger capacity from 17 ,973 berths to 31 ,078 berths They made it possible for the lower class to travel in ships providing them with the basic amenities and pleasure . They added more spark to travelling by introducing casinos , nightclubs , discos and several different forms of recreation along with the provision of food and home after the cruise . They also strived to increase their contacts and dealings with the concerned companies . This helped the organization to flourish and progress


Carnival Corporation is constantly expanding its business and along with all the activities , it simultaneously strives to achieve acquaintance with the competitive companies . In 1992 , Carnival signed a partnership with Atle Byrnestad acquiring 50 of Seabourne . In the year 1997 , Royal Caribbean made a bid to purchase Celebrity Cruise Lines for 500 million and made an assumption of around 800 in debt . Carnival responded to it positively and immediately and countered the offer by offering Celebrity Cruise Lines 510 million and a debt assumption Later on they increased the bid to 525 million . This was however an unsuccessful attempt but it shows the interest of Carnival in business matters . However this did not tarnish Carnival 's aim . In the same year 1997 , it purchased an Italian cruise company , Costa and in 1998 announced the acquisition of Cunard Line for 500 million which was later on merged with Seabourne . Ultimately , Carnival owned 68 of Cunard Lines Limited


In the year 1995 , Carnival received 40 million from the process of settlement with the Metra Oy . This is the past parent company of Wartsila Marine Company . The bankruptcy was observed and declared by this company in 1994 . Two years later , Carnival signed an agreement with the trustees of Wartsila...

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