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Moral development

Moral development is basically the sense of right and wrong that develops within a person by the passage of time . Moral development passes through a series of stages

The early stages in a child 's life from infancy are the most crucial in forming understanding and a base for good moral standing in the future It is the responsibility of the parents to ingrain these concepts and values in children from the very beginning . This can

be done by a clear demonstration of right from wrong

Another very important source of the establishment of moral development in children is the schools or educational institutes that they attend Character education is considered as an important aspect of schooling and Teachers play a great role in the moral upbringing of children as after parents children tend to spend most time with their teachers

Culture also plays a role in instilling the sense of morality in the children and adolescences of today . The environment and surroundings of children influences their behavior and decision making and also their conscious about what 's right and what 's wrong (Shumaker and Heckel 2007

In the theory of Piaget he tells that initially children have a concrete and egocentric thinking i .e . infants think that an object does not exist if it is out of sight . As they grow up they tend to gain cognitive ability and start to see things from a different perspective . The theories by Kohlberg and Gilligan are some what similar to that of Piaget 's but I suppose that Piaget 's theory is most relevant to the moral development stages of children setting aside the fact that Piaget underestimates the age at which the moral skills of children develop

Emotional Quotient

Emotional quotient is said to be a measure of a person 's emotional intelligence but there is some debate upon the authenticity of this measurement as it does not tend to have a specific standard against which it can be measure . Emotional intelligence is the ability of assessing or perceiving the emotions of oneself or of others . On the other hand intelligence quotient (IQ ) is a measure of cognitive ability and has rather stable measurement standards . IQ cannot measure creative and emotional abilities this is a fact as many people agree to this but IQ can measure concepts like logical reasoning , word knowledge and math skills (Ramesh , 1999 ) For this purpose emotional quotient testing is a better option when testing social abilities and interpersonal attributes of children

IQ testing as well as EQ testing is carried out on children in assessing their cognitive and personality traits . IQ testing has been carried out for years now but emotional quotient is a comparatively new concept Intelligence quotients may tell how efficient a child 's cognitive abilities are but it does not give the complete picture . For example children that are autistic normally have exceptionally high IQ levels but it is...

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