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Consumer Attitudes : How It Changes One 's Decisions

Marketers ' research studies proved that certain behavioral patterns are reflected during the purchasing process of an individual . This is highly related to the consumer 's attitude towards a product . Studies show that there are three components that make up an attitude : Affect (feeling towards a product , Behavior (the action done to or in relation to the product ) and Cognition (knowledge of the product ) - summed up as the ABC Model of Attitudes (Solomon , 2007 . To further explain the relationship of these three elements , the hierarchy

of effects was derived (See Figure 7 .1 for reference . As an illustration , the chart will be addressed in terms of a brick and mortar university as compared to an institution of higher learning in the Internet

By definition , brick and mortar university , is the traditional method of schooling which has existed for centuries all over the globe (University-college .net , 2006 . Given the long-established reputation and distinction it has marked , the attitude towards brick and mortar university can be that of the Standard Learning Hierarchy , which is based on cognitive information processing . First , there is Cognition - for instance , student is aware of what a brick and university schooling is like , its system and bureaucratic levels of attaining a diploma (University-college .net , 2006 . From these beliefs , student evaluates and begins to associate a feeling of satisfaction with the methodology of brick and mortar - second step , Affect . After which , student arrives at a decision to then pursue schooling in a brick and mortar university - Behavior . In the Low Involvement Hierarchy , the attitude is based on behavioral learning process : Cognition - student has so much knowledge of brick and mortar university , its accepted and established training format (Bastiat Free University , 2007 Behavior - using this gathered data , student enrolls to try the university and then Affect - after personally experiencing the system , student now feels satisfied with the learning he acquired and feels a sense of belongingness in the university given that he has made a circle of friends in his stay Turning the tables the other way around , what about schooling through online education ? Online education or distance learning , by nature must achieve the primary task of teaching by also copying the B M system (Bastiat Free University , 2007 . Through the illustration , online education can be described through the Low Involvement Hierarchy First , student acquires information about what it is like to study online . Given that the student is also working , he identifies the advantages of studying through the Internet - Cognition . Second , he makes a decision to enroll in the online education and attend classes there , participate in the lectures online - Behavior . After a few months of classes online , he feels strongly that he made the right decision to pursue online education - Affect - as he is more relaxed and productive given that he still has full control over his schedule , and study at different times of the day (University-college .net , 2006

The third level of hierarchy of effects is the Experiential...

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