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Two short stories written in the early 20th centuries depict women trapped within the lifestyle of their families because of a dominating father . These stories are that of James Joyce in Eveline and William Faulkner in A Rose for Emily

Eveline , a short story in Joyce 's Dubliners , is about a girl named Eveline who had lived all her life in Dublin and has lived with her oppressively strict father . The story tell about that day when Eveline tried to elope with her fiancy Frank to escape the routine and the suffocating

life that she is living with her father . On the other hand William Faulkner 's Rose for Emily is about a woman who came from an old rich southern family , who lived the rest of her life , after her father 's death , in loneliness due mainly to her father 's strict disciplinarian ways and his snooty outlook on the community . The story relates the desperate measures by which Emily tries to solve her problems

Both character of Eveline and Emily had controlling father 's so much so that both women were not able to fully create a social network in their community as they weren 't allowed to socialize . The motivations of their fathers differ , however . In the case of Eveline , Eveline 's father became cruel , controlling and oppressive after the death of her mother The mother 's death seemed to have changed the father so much that there was hardly any joy in their household after . In the case of Emily 's father , the family belonged to old southern high society that no longer exists because of the passing of time and because of the movement of this society to other places . As such Emily 's father , who remained in the community when all other rich people have gone , treated everybody else in the community as beneath him and his daughter , disallowing her therefore , to fraternize with anybody in the community and turning down every suitor that visited for Emily

Both Eveline and Emily were direly affected by their fathers ' control however the fate of Eveline and Emily , as well as their characters because of their situations , are absolutely different as well

The story of Eveline starts with her hesitating to elope with Frank while hanging on to the letters she intended to leave her family . As she ponders of what she is about to do , she recollects the time when her mother was still alive . At this point , all she could remember about her father was when he was nice to her- all she could think of her life was the good times until she remembered her mother 's death who , upon her dying breath said , Derevaun Seraun ' - which means death in life Upon remembering this line , Eveline rashly decides to elope . However at the pier , she , like a helpless animal , hangs on to the change unable to move , speak , express and leave Dublin with Frank to start a new life in Buenos Aires


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