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The Need for Child Discipline Seminars in the Fort Bragg Military Community

The survey conducted to more than a hundred military service personnel at Fort Bragg , one of the largest and most active military bases in the eastern USA , revealed an overwhelming support for child discipline seminars to be conducted in their community . From the of 2 ,325 responses derived from the survey , 50 believe that the need for child discipline , together with educating families , working with support groups and deriving services from the Department of Social Services , is highly important , 28

say that it is important , 15 say that it is not so important and 7 say that it is not important at all This awareness of the need for child discipline seminars can be attributed to the dramatic changes that have occurred in the lives of military families . According to Dr . Barbara Howard (2008

Major operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have necessitated more and longer deployments , more family separations , and more relocations than in recent memory . Mothers are serving as well as fathers . Military losses and casualties are greater than the nation has experienced in decades . Many of deployed troops serve in the National Guard rather than in active duty military branches , and therefore may live far from military bases and the support services they offer to families (para .1

With this situation , military personnel can feel that military families face more emotional and developmental challenges . Respect for the service , the sacrifices being made by America 's...

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