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Sometimes , it takes a life-long exposure to risk factor before the cancer will actually develop . This makes testing and studies hard to do . It is therefore safe to include all possible risk factors in the advent of trying to prevent cancer . Quitting smoking has become a world-wide campaign to stop the spread of diseases including cancer . Also , by avoiding these factors in the environment , we can reduce our chances of obtaining the disease . Physical exercises can also help in preventing obesity , which is a leading cause of some certain cancers and other diseases

as well (Fayer . For those with a history of cancer in their family , it is safe to take some genetic tests to assess the possibility of obtaining the cancer

If ever cancer was not prevented and allowed to develop in a patient 's body , there are several methods and procedures currently available that can help cure the disease . The Family Doctor website cites three main categories of these . The very famous one is the chemotheraphy , which uses medicines to treat the cells . This is usually used when the cancer cells started to spread across the different body regions . Sometimes surgery is required to remove the mass of cells manually . This is quite successful in treating malignant tumors growing only on one place . It will be hard to track moving and spreading cells with this procedure Also , tumors growing on regions like the brain will be impossible to remove without damaging the delicate tissues of the organ . Finally radiation can be used to damage cells . Radiotheraphy uses x-rays to completely abort the cell 's ability to divide . These three methods can also be used together for a more complete treatment

Cancer is a life-threatening disease which affects all , regardless of age , gender , race and body built . Some may...

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