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Business plan

Bulgaria , as Romania , is the country that will become a member of the European Union on January 1 2007 . The acceptance of the European Union for Bulgaria to be a member represents a very important factor for it to become a capitalist country . On the financial , economical , political internal and external aspects that will be a part of Bulgaria , people represent a high importance . After the integration , the needs of Bulgarian people will have a tremendous growth . They will see their life style with different eyes and from a different perspective


companies , with great ideas , are likely to enter the Bulgarian market and local companies will have to come with unique ideas to approach the consumers . Bulgarian producers have a strength comparing to the foreign producers , because they know Bulgarian people how they think and act . People would likely want their residential or second house to be built as soon as possible and with low costs , so this means that Bulgarians will have a competitive advantage over foreign companies

Building the houses in the American style is a good idea , because we are talking about a building strategy that will last about three months . If we compare this to the fact that the normal house is generally built in about two years , we have a strong argument in favor of such a business

The company proposes to build houses on the suburban areas , away from the noise , dust and crowded areas from the center of the city center where they could come home and have a nice and quiet evening family reunion , and their children could be safe . The company will have to take into consideration the rather chaotic development of the real estate market in this country . This idea is supporting by several theoreticians

As such , because of underdeveloped infrastructure construction activities in the big Bulgarian cities has concentrated mainly in the districts close to the city centre . As a result many of the districts have become overbuilt . The living conditions have worsened because of the lack of free space between the buildings and the lack of green areas and public gardens . While the districts near the city centres have become overbuilt the suburbs have remained relatively not so built up That is why finding attractive places to build its houses is a cornerstone of the firm 's business strategy

When constructing a business plan , the company has to think about everything : humane resource strategy , operational plan , financial objectives , marketing strategy , financial statements . These are the main requests for the plan to go well

The company has the idea , but it is not important only the idea but also the way it is being realized . Building a business plan needs to rely first of all on the main characteristics of the business and , notably of the product or service that is being commercialized . These are American style houses . They are cheaper than the traditional houses the building period is shorter , the prices are cheaper than the traditional brick...

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