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Case Study 4-2 Analysis

Unfair Labor Practice by a Union

1 . Having read Case Study 4-2 : Unfair Labor Practice by a Union ' I believe that it is essential that the election results be set aside and that action be taken from the top of the Union 's leaders down to the Union 's base members to ensure that each employee understands the policy of the Union and the labor law regarding a safe work environment


union is designed to take individuals , form a group with those individuals , and then promote that group of individuals as a cohesive unit . This relationship means that the Union has an obligation to monitor its members simply responding that no explicit instructions were given is insufficient

The Union 's position that the guilty parties did not act at the Union 's direction is short-sighted and irresponsible . Given the long list of egregious acts that included verbal harassment , physical harassment physical threat , retaliation , intimidation , and racism , there is little doubt that the Union was aware of what was occurring and chose not to intervene . If I were to guess the reason behind this , I 'd have to point to the fact that the tactics being employed were in the Union 's best interest : they did not want to be decertified , and anyone who chose to intimidate the voters who might have wanted to decertify the Union was clearly viewed by the Union as a friend . The Union took no proactive measures in this case - they had no incentive to do so . Clearly the election results should be set aside , and the Union should be held accountable for the many improper acts carried out by their members on other members

The truth is , if the numerous threats , acts of harassment , and intimidation tactics

employed by some of the company 's employees on others had no bearing on the election , setting the results aside and restoring proper and behavior prior to holding a new election would , presumably , yield the very same outcome therefore , no one should take issue with the election 's nullification . In fact , one might presume that the Union would embrace the idea as a means to prove their innocence

2 . If the Union had had a vested interest in preventing the repetitive and improper action described , it could easily have solve the problem by prompting more appropriate behavior

The logical methods for this include posting flyers at the job site declaring the harassment and other threatening behavior as inconsistent with the Union 's stance . An anonymous hotline to report threats harassment , and /or violence could have been set up . A no discussion in the workplace ' policy could have been instituted - ensuring that the workplace was free of dissenting politics . In addition , the Union could have taken even more aggressive action by posting several Union representatives at the job site , and adding closed-circuit television monitoring to areas of the job site...

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