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Problem Solution : InterClean , Inc

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University of Phoenix

Problem Solution : InterClean , Inc


In today 's world increasing competition , changing customer needs , the global economy and pressure from stakeholders have created many challenges for InterClean , Inc (InterClean . Using a defined problem-solving technique such as the one used at the University of Phoenix will help InterClean understand the situations that lead to the problem analysis of the challenges and opportunities which leads to a much better understanding of the problem

through logical analysis of alternative solutions and finally to a decision . Furthermore evaluation of the end results against stated goals will help InterClean management realize the effectiveness of the solutions . Understanding the situation is critical in moving toward making a decision

Situation Analysis

Issue and Opportunity Identification

InterClean is an established institutional and industrial cleaning and sanitation company in an industry where stakeholders are demanding more Here are some key facts

1 . Customers are looking for services that will reduce their costs and concerns with cleaning and sanitation . Furthermore customers are demanding product training monitoring , information sharing and full-service cleaning . The roll-out of which is on an aggressive timeline

2 . The current sales force does not have the Solution Selling ' skills required to sell the new products and services

3 . InterClean has acquired EnviroTech , Inc (EnviroTech ) who has the products , services and selling skills InterClean desires

4 . InterClean 's CEO inherited the business . He is driven , competitive and a risk-taker

5 . InterClean is interested in expanding into Global markets

The President and CEO of InterClean , Inc , David Spencer has announced a bold strategic change to grow his company and be a market leader in a new systems based sales of cleaning products and services . In a memo written about a new strategic direction to all the InterClean employees it was announced that in six months a media blitz will begin to publicly advertise this new strategy

The commitment needed to change the management process should have been planned before this strategy was implemented . The two main departments the sales force , and HR were never approached by David Spencer prior to the company announcement . The two departments were informed by memo at the same time as all the employees

There are five issues that need to be addressed before this strategy can be achieved . They are as follows

Training and Development-the skills and competency of the existing employees of InterClean and the acquired employees of EnviroTech

HR Skills Sets and Gap Analysis-HR has not set a strategy for dealing with the results of the assessment of skill sets or decided what further skills are needed to perform this new strategy . A budget for this training was only mentioned as being tight with no concrete figures

Organization Restructuring-Lack of a plan to merge the two sales forces job assignments not clarified , and two CEO 's with two agendas

Selection and Recruitment-There is no current policy for recruiting in place . There has not been a...

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